Where Are They Now: Josie Hamilton

2018 & 2019 Next Generation Scholarship Recipient
Josie Hamilton standing in front of wooden building

Josie Hamilton grew up on a lamb ranch in California. The 5th generation on the ranch, Josie is as committed to sustainable agriculture practices as her great-great-grandfather who established the ranch. She is on her way to becoming an agriculture lawyer and supporting and educating others in the industry on the importance of agriculture.

Q: What inspired you to study agribusiness?

A: I was inspired to choose this area of study because of my dad. My dad has always been involved in the longevity of the agriculture industry. Growing up watching this involvement inspired my decision to stay involved in the agriculture industry, with the goal of educating others in addition to promoting and ensuring its future.

Q: What are your future career plans?

A: After I graduate from with my agribusiness degree I hope to attend law school to become an agriculture lawyer to help defend the agriculture industry and become an advocate for sustainable agriculture in my region.

Q: How do you feel your upbringing on a ranch influenced your life?

A: Growing up on a ranch influenced my life by teaching me to never take anyone’s work for granted. Oftentimes, I felt that I was looked down upon because my parents are ranchers. Many people do not understand what running a farm entails. You can never truly understand the life of a farmer until you are in their shoes. I feel it is unfair for anyone to estimate the worth of another person’s job until they actually try to do what they do. Like many others, my dad works around the clock to not only put food on my plate but food on the plates of many other people.

Q: What is one thing you wish people who aren’t familiar with farming knew about farming and life on a farm?

A: I wish people would understand how important agriculture is; not only the growing of food but also the economy and innovations that occur in the industry.

Wind turbines on the Hamilton Family Ranch
Wind turbines on the Hamilton Family Ranch

Q: What would you like to share with Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation supporters?

A: I would like to say thank you because their donations are more meaningful than can be expressed. Their donations have allowed students, like me, to continue and try to better themselves through not only education, but experience. This education is indescribable and priceless. On behalf of myself and others I would like to express my gratitude. The Niman Ranch Next Generation Scholarship has allowed me to start on the path working to my career goal by supporting me financially with my undergrad tuition.