“Enter a Raffle for my Corvette and be a Guaranteed Winner”

By Jeff Tripician, Former Niman Ranch General Manager and current Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation Board Member
Corvette Fundraiser - Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation

I can’t guarantee you’ll win the car, but your odds of helping a young farmer realize their dreams are 100%

One of the most gratifying aspects of my 15 years serving as General Manager of Niman Ranch was growing the impact of the Next Generation Foundation. The Foundation awards annual scholarships to the children of Niman Ranch farmers so they can return to the farm after college. What started in 2006 with one scholarship, has grown over the years to supporting 273 young leaders. These young people consistently inspire me and give me hope for the future.

I have always contributed to the Next Generation Foundation to give back and support these deserving young people. But this year, it felt like I needed to do more. That’s why I donated my beloved convertible to support the Foundation—that you can enter to win for just $50!

It’s been a hard couple of years for farmers—from floods to droughts, blizzards to heatwaves, and most recently a powerful derecho that decimated 10 million acres of crops in Iowa. And these are just the extreme weather events. Layer in the Covid pandemic and political negotiations on tariffs, and farmers have been left in a precarious position.

Niman Ranch provides important stability for our farmer partners with our guaranteed premium pay, steady demand and resilient model. But even so, this year more than ever, the next generation of farmers needs our help.

One easy way you can help this important cause is by entering the Foundation’s fundraiser to win my beloved 2002 C5 Corvette Convertible. This is an awesome car and I’ll miss it. But I hope that this donation will result in funds raised many times worth the value of the car that will go to directly support young farmers.

Tickets are just $50 to enter and you can feel good knowing that even if you don’t win my car, your odds of helping a deserving kid go to college are 100%. And, hey, you just might be the lucky winner—you never know!

Buy your ticket today.